Granule list sugestion For Attain

Hi All, I am highlighting a small issue which all must have faced before finalisation of Granule list for any Attain contract. Is there any way we can activate/deactivate the granules as per selection in the Demo version? All will agree that this can be of much help as most of the suggestions are done on the basis of percepation by consultants/sales people based on their knowledge & it is purely an assumption on the basis of which contract value is decided upon.One can not verify this till the arrival of the license. I had placed a service request (Though i knew it is not possible right away.)Was replied that it would be possible in Version 4:00. Till than advised to use roles for the purpose. I would like to know if anybody has done this.How can security roles be co-related to granules?Is it as effective? Being able to create an exact scenario to show to the customer and convince them on their budget is a thing i’m sure everybody will love to do.This can make many things easier. Regards, Dharmendra Desai

Such a tool has been released by the North American NTR and I would guess it is available elsewhere. The description on the NA Partner site is: “This tool searches Licensing Granules and displays all Objects in that Granule. It can also search on an Object number and display all related Granules. All you need in order to perform a search is a Granule/Object number.” It is in document 16688, dated September 6, 2002 and ONLY applies to V3.60. Check with your NTR.

Sorry for coming late to this topic. To David: you have indicated that the information about this granule licensing tool is contained in document # 16688. Do you know how to lookup that document in the new Microsoft Navision Partner site? I have tried to find a way to load this document, but, unlike the old partner site, I couldn’t find the website that allowed one to load documents, by their numbers. I have tried to modify the hyperlink on my browser to display this document [:)], but to no avail. Does anyone know how to now load a document, by its number? Thanks.

I spent about 45 minutes trying to track it down on the Navision NA site within Microsoft and couldn’t do so. You’ll have to contact MBS Navision, probably through support. Good luck.