Granule List Navision 2009


I’m looking for a granule list for Navision 2009 SP1.

Because I want to change the licence ( Advanced Management to Business Essentials )

I need to know which granules are influenced.

Thank a lot

isn’t this easily provided by your partner consultant?

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Hi marcelo and welcome to forum,

Quickest way will be asking your Partner - as the only document containing this info you are asking for is not publically available, at least, I can not put it here in forum.

Besides - downgrading from AM to BE will be problematic with MS, and actually you gain nothing, as there is “no money back”, you only loose functionality already paid for.


Yes, in this case if would save money.

But only the partner know which object are influencing in the granule


You’ll save money only if you haven’t purchased the license yet…

Then, you should know, that with BE there are some granules you can buy as addition, but many of not included granules are principally not available even for additional cost, if you later need those, you must upgrade to AM.

The idea is to develop these granules


Do you realize what the expenses will be? Dont’ forget that you’ll need to buy a heap of Objects licenses - Tables, Forms, CU’s etc, not only pay for development.

It will cost you MUCH more, than AM license… and I doubt that reinventing the bicycle, plus PAYING for it will give you at the end even the equivalent of already existing “bicycles”.

yes, if you are right but client don´t think the same