Granule License and N Tier architecture

If I buy a license for 10 granules, is it possible to spilt the 10 granules across 3 machines (First Machine - 3 granules, Second Machine - 4 granules and Third Machine - 3 granules), but same license. What will happen to the core granules like GL ? Can I duplicate it on the Second / Third Machine ? Or to put in Simple words, How can I achieve the n-Tier architecture with Navision across machines ?

Why exactly do you need to it? The license gives you permission to use granules which you buy. To restrict you can use different Roles/Database Logins. Satbir

Thanks Satbir. The Requiremet from our customer needs such split up. Our Question is actually about licensing and not about restriction. I need to distribute one license across several machine with different granules. If I have a license for 10 granules, then I need to distribute these granules across 3 machines (First Machine - 3 granules, Second Machine - 4 granules and Third Machine - 3 granules), but single license.

Hi mani The license which you have bought applies to all the granules that you have. It is how you give access to these granules. There is nothing like restricting a system to 3 granules another to another 3 granules. It all is related to how u design the users and roles. If u wanna com1 to be restricted to first 3 granules then create a role with com1 and assign the first 3 granules to com1 and then create the users for this role. so the users under this role will have access to only the first 3 granules. Kumar

Thanks Kumar… So, I can use one single license and use it across machines… I need not buy 3 license… right. Sorry for the trouble. This is my first implemetation… so the doubt of license is…

NO, if you have three separate machines running three separate server programs then you need three separate licences. You are not allowed to use the same licence on all three even if they are not using the same granules. This applies even if you use security permissions to block the unused granules. It will work but it would be a violation of the licence agreement. What you need to look at is which granules each system needs and then purchase one licence for each system with just those granules. Therefore, you have to buy the core granules three times, once per system. You cannot economise by buying one licence and then using it multiple times with different permissions even if all three systems belong to different parts of the same company. The only way to have the setup you describe with one licence is to have one machine running one server program which connects to one database in which you have three separate companies. For this you will need the multi-company granule. All the users then connect to that one machine. If you have already bought the licence then it would appear that either Navision India have misinformed you about this or you did not explain what you needed clearly. I suggest that you go back to them and explain and they can sort you out with the correct licencing. The only thing is if the terms & conditions of the licencing agreement in India are different from elesewhere in which case things may be different, but I doubt it. Cheers, John