Granule 1250 -licence


I do really have no special knowledge about MS Nav. and the english language - but I hope you can help me.

We have a little discussion about the granule 1250 in Nav 4. It is part of our license. What does this granule means, or why do we have this? I have read about “light user”, “user per session” and “UBP”. But I don’t know whit this means in the special problem-situation of the question “user or session”-limitation in using Nav 4.

Thanks for any help

Regards Peter

Granule 1250 must be Web Users (I guess) because the granule don’t exist in current price list of NAV. You can get the module converted to latest granules if you are current on BREP.

I willl try to explain the meaning of Web Users. Dynamics NAV provides rich/thin clients but there can be instances where organizations require access to database from 3rd party solutions, web access etc where NAV client is not used. Web users are now converted into 3 different granules for specific access conditions.

Thanks for your explanation - we just plan to raise the numbers of licenses or change to BREP and need some information for decision-making.

Regards Peter


It would be a good idea to discuss the granules you currently have and any additional add-on packages you may need with your reseller.