Granual ID : 5410 Related Information

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What kind of permission level ( Read,Insert,Modify,etc ) are available in Granual ID : 5410 for the Object ID : 99000852 (FORM : Planning Worksheet) ??

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That is rather difficult to find - but I recall there were some ( third party? community member’s? ) tools on the net, which provided object permission info - but more oriented on license analysis, that is, what permissions you have with this exact license used…

Can’t remember exactly - when & where I read about it, do some searching - or, maybe community will throw additional info herein…

Thnx modris.

BTW I have the NAV Granule List_01192009 file, which is showing that " You have the “R-MDX” permission for Object ID : 99000752 ( Form: Planning Worksheet )

But My License can not open the specified Form.It gives the error message: “You don not have the permission to Run the Object…”.Where License shows that It have the Granual ID : 5410 and file shows the “R-MDX” permission.

In another your thread recently you mentioned creating new company, partially copying something from CRONUS - is this the same database which now gives you access errors?

If you happened to copy some excess table data, linked logically or referred to Planning, existance of such records MAY cause access errors…

For example, in CRONUS v5 W1 I was able to move around with DEMO license, which includes practically all objects, but couldn’t open Sales Order form with Client’s BRL AM license - message was “no permission to read Service Line table”… CRONUS sample data has records in there, and so indirectly access was blocked even to SO, too (BRL AM doesn’t contain Service Management).

I would argue 5410 is not relevant to Planning based upon your question.

This is the 5410 explanation: You use this granule for creating and handling production orders. The granule provides you with the basic facilities necessary for creating production orders and posting consumption and output to the production orders. Once you have created a production order, you can calculate net requirements based on that production order. As an alternative to automatic planning, this granule offers a manual supply planning tool. The Order Planning window provides the visibility and tools needed to manually plan for demand from sales lines and then create different types of supply orders directly.

5810 basic supply planning does require 5420 (Production BOMs) which requires 5410, but the reverse is not true.

This db is totally different one.

BTW thanks for your reply.

Thnaks Adam.

The Granual ID 5420 and 5410 are both present in the License .Which Granuals are required to run the Planning Worksheet successfully ?


Thnx ! Ok!

But I can not see the Form in the Menu Suit. Why ??

No idea, I suggest you contact Microsoft because if you have 5810 you see the planning worksheet form.

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I have TWO Licenses file One (L1) is for Nav 4.0 Sp3 and another(L2) is for Nav 5.0 Sp1. All in IN version.

L1 has no 5810 Granual ID, L2 has the Granual Id 5810. L1 can not see the Form “Planning Worksheet” but L2 can see the same.

So that is correct. 5810 gives you the rights, so the licensing is working correctly, without 5810 you cannot see the planning worksheet form.

Both the Licenses (L1 aND L2) has no Granual ID 5810.

L1 can not see the Form “Planning Worksheet” but L2 can see the same. Why ?