Granting access to specific organizations individually in AX 2012

Dear All ,

I set up “organizations for user”. The process is following…

In advance

  • I create a user to import AD and Assign role “System user” & “Accountant”,

-I set organization hierarchies “Organization” that Assign purpose is “Security”. Hierarchy : Top Level “Legal Entry” , Second Level “Business Unit” 3 items (A , B ,C)

[User] form > select role “Accountant” > click [Assign organizations] > [Organizations for the user XXX in role Accountant] form > select [Grant access to specific organization individually] > Select organization hierarchy : “Organization” > In organization tree , select “Business Unit” A

repeat set up “System user” role.

However, when I test limited organizational access, the users can still see all the organizations (A , B ,C).

I think the user can see record only set A in “Business Unit” .

If I am in the wrong, please put me right.