Grant Budget Lines Posted: 0

When I tried to make an adjustment on a grant number and post it into GL, it gave me this message: “Grant Budget Lines Posted: 0”. Does anybody have idea about it? THanks.


Could you let us know what version you are on, and I would like to know what a “Grant Number” and “Grant Budget” are - are these modifications, and add-on or a localisation? Where do you do this?

Version US 3.60A, SER 3.60.06 (3.70). Grant card is from original module, not add on…etc.

Which module? Is it a US specific module? Any US input out there? [:D]

It’s a Grant Module.I think it is a US specific module.

go to Tools->License Information

What Gran # is Grants assigned…I see nothing about grants in mine.

Anyway did you check tyo see if there is test report before posting?
If so it will give a list of errors that need to be fixed before posting.

At least that’s what all the other test reports do [:(]

Grant no is 37001170.

There was no test report before posting. So, that’s why I have no idea with it.

Looks like an add-on to me - I can’t find anything regard grants in the add-on catalog

Anyway, I’m sure it behaves like all the other journals so perhaps you can work your way through this. First check if what ever posting date you are using is withing the allowable posting dates.

Also you say you are making an adjustment. Can these grants be adjusted? have you seen it done before? Anyone else out there correct me if I’m wrong but you can get a similar message from the Rucurring Journals when date/amounts or all necessary columns aren’t filled in correctly.

Thanks for the US input - much appreciated from a floundering Brit [:D]

37,xxx,xxx is one of the certified add-on ranges, I think its the US protected area, but it is an add on, it is not part of Navision. At a guess it looks like the a Not For Profit Add On.

Your NSC / partner should have made it clear to you that they had installed an Add-On. Because if I am correct, and the 37 range is the protectd range, then only the ISV that developed the add on can make modifications to it.

Is uggest that you post here as much information as you can, and we can try further to help you, but since no one will have access to the system, you may need to contact your NSC/Partner, and have them help you.