graduated calculation for an item in calculation

Hi, We are going to make a calculation module. We have some items that have different prices depending on the amount you calculate. For example; 1 item X costs 10,00. 10 items X costs 8,00. 20 items X costs 6,00. It’s called (according to my dictionary) graduated calculation (of interest). Does anyone have experience with this? Is there functionality (tables, forms, codeunits) like described above present in Navision Attain 3.6?

Have you looked at the way navision does this in the sales price module? You can have a look at codeunit 7000

Not yet. I’ll have a look at it. Thanks! Are there also (sales) tables which contain the discount level information per item? Groeten zijn doorgegeven…

I’ve taken a look at the sales orders and items. I found the desired functionality. The table that I was looking for was “Sales Price” (7002). Thanks!

Ok, Succes [:D]