GoPro Retail

Hi, Im searching for someone who has worked on ‘GoPro’ Retail, I have a lot of queries on that, and I hope that this is the right forum. Warm Regards Jyothi Mohan

Hi We focus on GoPro Retial (now known as Landsteinar Retail). You have questions? Darrell

We have recently implemented the above mentioned GoPro retail system. What would you like to know? Tony

Hi Darrell and Tony, I have a specific scenario. In a Multistore environment(one HO and a number of stores), say if I send an order from the Head Office to one of the stores and I wish to know whether the store to which I have sent has received the order or not. I need an acknowledgement from the store, “online”. Is there any built in functionality in GoPro Retail for such a case. Awaiting your responses. Warm Regards Jyothi Mohan

Hi, we also have a few installations of GoPro retail. Anyway, Try looking at the Job Scheduler to see if export to tills has worked. Though you may need a modification or two if you want more information, I don’t know if there is a standard functionality for what you are looking for…