Gopro Retail & Navasion Attain

Hi Evrybdy, I have some issues. If any body knows the solution or a workaround then please reply. 1) Navision attain database itself, i want to use a time server type functionality where the date and time needs to pick up from the server Local System so that i can rely perrfectly on my Database server’s time. 2) On gopro Retail POS, I want to limit a user to log on more than once on dfferent terminals. 3) On Navision Attain, I want to restrict increase the time interval on timer dynamically or stop it when and where i required. 4) To get active a click event on navision attain’s matrix box or table box , on a cell basis not on row basis. 5) I want to refresh the forms which i am called through POS menu post parameters using runobject so that next time i click on the same button the form is refreshed. 6) In navasion attain, any tool which can flush my memory variables after the database is carshed or not properly closed. 7) How to remove or track an appication error like FIN.EXE error and a list of most probable errors which can crash a database. 8) How i can remove or add a field from a table dynamically. Concept of temp fields where data stored with respect to the users wishes. 9) Gopro documentation. My comapny doesn’t recieve a Gopro Documentation. So any body having it please mail me at 10) Renumbering tool, Is somebody having this tool please forward to me on the above mailing address. 11) How Can I restrict a user from not use any other license file for update my objects as it can leads to problems to piracy and other issues. 12) Is there any tools which indents the code for me so that i can save my time more. 13) How can i negate the effect of “Printing Message” while i am using report to print directly through code. 14) Is There any pool of navision users other than navasion forum. 15) Is there any work around to upload a BMP\JPEG\GIF image more than having a size of 32 Kb. 16) How can I veiw the lookup lists according to my selections which comes on reports with out using REQUEST FORM.

Hi Praveen,

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us?