Goodbye Navision

Hi, all. I’m leaving the Navision world. I started a new job that I find very interesting, but very different from my previous one. I’m using the non-MS “alternative” technologies - Java, Informix, Interbase, and so on. Thank you all for your replies to my troubles since 2001. It has been a pleasure to exchange some thoughts with you. Like Emiel Romein, I was close to get the one-star status :wink: Well, maybe next time. I wish the best of luck to all of you and to Navision. Goobye everyone.

Bye Bruno, It’s been a pleasure having you here… You’re always welcome back. Also if only in this forum [:)]

You are welcome. And I envy your new job. I would love to change to “internet” devolpments some day. It is more a hobby for me now. Good luck, and keep us up-to-date on your new carreer!

Bom dia, Bruno: I am very sure we´ll meet again! Ya know: we´ll always meet twice in lifetime :wink: Regards Alarich