Good Quantity in Route card last operation line

Hi World,

I am working on two different environments. In one env when I start a batch order then I get the picking list & route card generated.In route card lines last operation line shows GOOD QUANTITY in last good quantity column automatically filled.

In other env the GOOD Quantity is not automatically filled

What can be the setup which brings this GOOD QUANTITY in the route card last operation line??

What is the effect (Financial,Inventory) if this good quantity is not put in route card.

Can you please tell us what version of Navision you are using?
Maybe I’m just blind, but I have never seen a “Route Card” in NAV.

I am using Microsoft Dynamics version 4.0 SP2

fullscope version where the good quanity is not comming is PMF04021007

& Where the good quantity is comming the fullscope version is PMF04021128

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The financial impact depends upon the setup of the routing - have you a quantity cost category?

What point are you creating the route card journal? Same items, routes and BOMs? Identical parameters?

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have you a quantity cost category? …

I am not using quantity cost category …that is the reason why I am worring…because system allows to post the route card (with good quantity) without entering "quantity cost category "…if such route card is posted & after that if we need to reset the batch order then system doesnt allow to reset as ther is no “quantity cost category”

The financial impact depends upon the setup of the routing…what is financial impact of good quanity & “quantity cost category”…what if we dont have these two things?

**What point are you creating the route card journal?..**created automatically after starting the batch order the I post it manuaaly

**Same items, routes and BOMs? Identical parameters?..**all settings same best to my knowledge…its just a version of fullscope which is upgraded.

Having a cost quantity or not does not matter, however if you automatically post them it will assume your started quantity is your good quantity from a costing perspective. The only costing element tied tothe quantity (your question) related to the quantity category, it multiplies any cost in here by the quantity on the route. You do not need it because not everyone costs, but I recommend creating one for zero and adding it anyway.

There is a setting difference, perhaps in the parameters, the flushing method. I cannot remember off the top of my head. If you think it is a FullScope difference you need to report it. I would check everything first, flushing methods, reservation flag, parameters etc.

I have reported to MS

They are preparing FIX