Godown Table Customization.


I Have created a customized table “Godown Address” having “Ship-to address” table as base.

Functionality-> from Customer Card → ship to addresses → Godown address.

Keeping in mind for a customer many “ship to addresses” created(Which is in standard), but for a particular ship to address many “godown” are to be created.

My requirement is the code field from “ship to address” table is not flowing in the Godown address table.

I just observed a functionality which is working between “Customer” and "Ship to Address " where the Customer no is seen to be flowing from “Customer” to ship to address customer for all new record to be entered.

But in my case from “ship to address” to “Godown” , the “customer no” and “code” field from “ship to address” to “godown” is not getting flown even i set the form link property for the respective two fields.

if that was achieved i can create many no of godowns to a single “ship to address” record for a single “customer”.

Please give me tips to overcome this situation.

Thanks in Advance…

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Did you set RunFormLink property in the menu button from when you are calling Godown form from Ship to address form?

As Mohana says, all you need is to set the RunFormLink property. Double check that it is filled in (and filled in correctly). Although I suspect that that is the case, past that you would have to take some additional steps.

You can Zoom (Ctrl + F8) on the line when inserting a new record (after you press F3, but before you TAB / Enter to actually create the record). Your linked fields should be filled in at this point as they are “default” values.

Hi mohana,

Yes i set the RunFormLink property to two fields “Godown” 's->code field to “Ship-to address” 's code field and “Godown” 's Customer no. field to “Ship-to address” Customer No field.

Thans for ur reply.



Is it working fine now?

if yes, verify the post which helped you in solving…

But that was not working! I’m getting an error when i clicked the Godown address from the function!.

It looks like you are on the Ship-to Address Card. The code you have the identify the Ship-to Address (AHMEDABAD) is being used as a filter for the Customer No.

I’ll say it again…“all you need is to set the RunFormLink property. Double check that it is filled in (and filled in correctly).”

Thans Matt and Mohana,

I Checked that right from the godown Master table. found that the field nos in the Ship-to address table(Customer no,code) and fields in the Gowdown address table seemd to be contradicting. I changed that then i checked the RunFormLink Property. it worked fine. Thans a lot for ur help. Pls keep in touch!..



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Please Verify the post which helped you to solve the problem…