Go to Main Table

Hi, “Go to Main Table” is not visible! The shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+F4) also doesn’t work! Is this a feature or a … ? [V] Following example: - Form - the from has a StringEdit control - ExtendedDataType for the control is set to CountryId If you run the form, you will see that the lookup works. However, on right-click, I get a very short version of the menu that normaly shows - “Go to Main Table” is not visible. Continue the example: - Add a datasource that has a field extending the CountryId - set the DataSource & DataField in the StringEdit control. Now, the lookup works AND “Go to Main Table” is visible. [^] My conclusion: “Go to Main Table” works only on bound controls. [B)] Is there a way to show “Go to Main Table” for unbound controls that use an ExtendedDataType ? Thanks.

As I played a little more with this topic, I found that there is no recordset passed to the Form following the “Go to Main Table” click. Why is it not possible then to go to the main table when the cotrol is unbound?