Go to main Table to show selected row!

hi guys!

I have Purchrequest table and on that table I have a PurchpropId field.I can do “go to main Table” on this field to go PurchProptable.so far its working but I want to see selected row on my second table when I click go to main table on my first Table.

It shows last record only when I click go to main table but want to see selected row.

How should I do this?

Is Go to main table/view details working based on relation or have you overridden junpRef? if it is on relation, please show the properties of the relation.
Can you also show the data source properties of the PurchPropTable form? (check AutoQuery property)


this is the relation on edt.

static void jumpRef(axsPurchPropId _axsPurchPropId)

AxsPurchPropTable AxsPurchPropTable;
Args args;
MenuFunction menuFunction;


if (AxsPurchPropTable)
AxsPurchPropTable = AxsPurchPropTable::find(_axsPurchPropId);
args = new Args();

menuFunction = new MenuFunction(

I wrote this on my first table’s field method also to go selected row but did not work it.I thought I should use args to see selected row on my second table

Why do you even have to override jumpref? Is it not working with the relation? Are you not using the same EDT?

I tried to use arg for too selected row in second table thats why .I am using same edt but when I go to main table ,it shows the last row alwaYS but they want to got selelected row

Do you mean without writing any code in jumpref() and by using the relation the go to main table taking you to the last record in that form, If so can you show us the properties of the data sources in that form?


this is the PurchProptable and the edt

I was asking for the properties of the data source in the form. (go to the form and check the data source properties)


It looks OK. Can you also check the data source property value on the Grid (in the form)?

go to main Tabke form is working but It is not going the selected row…it always goes to last row .

Look into properties of the Grid control. Data source property.
If still cannot figure out, see if you can attach a project with required objects so that we can look into it.

oh Im afraid I can not do this because of data privacy rule but I wrote a jumref method and now It shows the selected row but only the selected one ,I can not see the other rows.Normally It goes to selected row but you can see the other rows on grid but after my jumpref method I can see only the selected one

In such case look at some of the standard examples, VendGroup(how they are used in VendTable), CustGroup (used in CustTable). Compare your design with those.