Go to main table form

Hi All,

Does anyone know if can block form right click > go to main table form through AX user permission?


On version 2009 , you can block it with security keys. But if you don’t have a security key that allow you to see the related table , you may as well lose your lookups and auto-lookups that automatically refer to these records.

Every field have a method that can be overridden name JumpRef, this is the guy that controls the go to main table. So if the guy have a certain permission to see the field, the table and the menu item of the target location, but you still don’t want him going to that form with the “got o main table” feature, you need to comment the super() line of code in the jumpRef method.


Please follow this link to enable or disable “go to main table”. Blog by:Santosh Ramamurthy


Hi Hako,

It s simple.

Give no access to all the related forms but make sure that you give access at table level.

I hope this will suffice.

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Thks lot.