Global tables in AX '7' ?

Hey guys,

The virtual companies feature is no longer supported in Dynamics AX “7”.

MS says use Global tables to share the data between the companies, but there is no much information on Global tables such as How to create, use and configure them.

Could you guys please share any idea, advice or thought on this one would be greatly appreciated.


  • Raj Kumar

It means tables that are shared across companies, i.e. have SaveDatePerCompany = No. It’s not a new concept.
If needed, you can store information about legal entity as a normal field.

Thanks for the quick answer Martin.
I did not find any such properties in table level to make them as Global tables.
Is there any specific node in AOT or any procedure to create Global tables in AX ‘7’ ?

// Raj Kumar

It’s there, trust me. :slight_smile:


Yeah Martin. We do have “Save Data Per Company” property at table level. :slight_smile:

I think its a tedious and erroneous process to change all the table property to ‘NO’ in order to share and access the common data such as Vendors, Vendor groups, customers, products etc across the legal entities.

Apart from this, Do we have any other ways to share and access the data across legal entities?


// Raj Kumar

You definitely shouldn’t do that. AX has different ways to handle these things. For example, you have shared product definitions, which you merely release to individual companies. Global address book is shared too.

In some case, you should also consider synchronizing certain tables rather then sharing them.

If you start switching sharing tables that weren’t designed for it, you have to review all tables they depend on and either switch them too (and repeat the process), synchronize them between companies or implement some other logic. It’s extremely complicated and almost nobody was able to do it correctly. I think it’s one reason why Microsoft got rid of virtual companies.