Global Search

I’m hoping someone bright might be able to help me here . . .

I’m using one of the Microsoft demonstration virtual machines and want to demonstrate the global search functionality. It is working and is including items / products, customers and suppliers but I’d really like it to include contact persons too. Could anyone point me in the direction of where the settings are for which tables are included in the search please?

Cheers - Jon

Which version of AX? Capabilities differ from AX2009 to AX2012.

I had the same challenge wanting to search for addresses. In AX2009, the only solution was to use the Data Crawler, which is not really a solution if you want an end user to search. Therefore we had to do a modification. Since contact names are also part of the dirparty architecture, you will probably find the same problem.

I am not exactly sure about AX2012 abilities, however I am told AX2012 has similar challenges and required modifications for address search.

Yes, it’s AX2012 I’m using.


Check Add AOT queries to the Search configuration [AX 2012].

Thank you. [:)]