Global Filtering

Hi there. I was wondering if there is a method to use some global filters. I needed a function which allows me to filter out documents all over the user interface, lets say all orders, invoices, shipments a.s.o. should be filtered according to a user definable filter. For now, i’ve done this with a single instance codeunit where the date filter is kept and in every form, where the global filter should be used, i’ve rewritten the OnFind and OnNext Trigger. That way i can avoid creating keys and slowing down the system. But this code is kinda huge and i have to copy it to all forms where my filter should be used. Is there a better way to achieve such a ting?

Did you consider using Security Filters? This is Navision standard functionality that can restrict the user to see Sales Documents, but not invoices, job journals, but only specific batches, etc. Works only with SQL database though.

Hmm … nice to hear that, since they plan to migrate to SQL next month. [:D] … I’ll try that out … thanks a lot.