Global Dimension Filters on Reports

Hi all,

Thinking about this-- why didnt they allow for global dim filters on most S&R and P&P reports -e.g. If you go through the Aging reports plus many others e.g. Cust -Bal to Date, Statements e.t.c it is not possible to filter the entries by Global Dim Filters without adding some code on each – Is this only in the W1 version?[:@] -

I can confirm that in Portuguese version happens the same thing

I think it beats the purpose if you cannot filter entries by dimesnions on such key reports.Does anyone know why they left this out?


Same with DK-version.

My best guess is that the dimensions only are intended to be used on the Income Statement.
Those reports concern the Balance Sheet.
(But why that limitation???)

Here is my guess, because there were no global dimensions in earlier version of Navision, were most of the reports originated, and in upgrading, they didn’t want to redo reports or put any effort into reports, so they left them out.

earlier versions only had a department and project code, and you could filter on those. but the global dimension information is stored in a sparate table now.

That would probably be a reason.The same goes for the reports in version 5.0 so I guess they have no plan of introducing this…Does anyone else filter their Sales ,Purchases and esp Aging reports by dimensions or do they make the changes before giving it to the customer.