GL to Inventory Reconciliation in Dynamics AX 2012

Please share any help to Report and Track GL > Inventory Reconciliation in Dynamics AX 2012.

Hi dyaxer, welcome to DUG.

Please explain what help you’re looking for. If you don’t provide enough details, it’s unlikely that you’ll get any answer. You even haven’t asked any question yet.

Thanks, Martin

i require to have information on Inventory Reconciliation in DAX 2012. I want to know the application cycle for reconciliation and any reporting/tracking for the differences b/w GL and Inventory.

Hi dyaxer,

In GL reports, there is a report of GL & inventory reconciliation. Please try this path GL>Reports>Reconciliation>INventory




I inquired for DAX 2012,its not there. In DAX 2009 it is available as you specified the path.

For inventory reconciliation in AX 2012 you could use Inventory Value Report witch reconciles the inventory subledger to the general ledger.