GL Entry and Ledger Entry Dimensions Different

I have a problem where when posting a simple month end journal between GL accounts every few months the dimension values 1 & 2 in the G/L Entry Table (17) differ from the values held in Ledger Entry Dimension (355). I’m using Nav 5 and from research it seems it is a bug no one has been able to recreate succesfully to fix. I can’t see any suggestions on how to fix what has already happened.

My question is can I manually update Ledger Entry Dimension (355) for these rogue transactions to match G/L Entry Table (17) or will there be other impacts? Or if I reverse these entries will it reverse out as it went in and correct itself or would it reverse “correctly” on still leave an imbalance?

Thanks Carl

In my opinion the best choice is manually fix wrong values (you have to identify if G/L Entry or Ledger Entry Dimension is right), since even reversing the transaction the original entries will still have inconsistent dimensions.

Thanks for your reply. It is always the Dimension table that is wrong, not the GL table. Is this table safe to update? Does it have any effect on other modules or transactions should it be manually updated? Regards Carl

There are some tool available for dimension correction

Please check following link .

Check on test database first,.