GL Correction to a Job

Hi all!

I need to b able to correct entries that was done when using the Navision routine" Post wip usage" . How can I do that?

This is end results in GL accounts:

Posting Date Document No. G/L Account No. Debit Amount Job No. Amount

12/17/07 WIP07-5550 15000 2887 -36,302.92

12/17/07 WIP07-5550 70000 36,302.92 2887 36,302.92

S o what I need is to be able to credit account 66000 instead of account 15000 and using same Job Number.How can I correct the first entry and create a new one with that new account.

Ps: The thing important here is really how to affect the job no.


I have not done any work with jobs but can you not process a job journal direct to a GL account and reverse it in this manner?

no I cant unfortunately…


I know in version 5 a function exist " Job GL journals" but in Nav4 I do not know how to do that, if someone has a clue?


So in version 4 you cannot process a job journal and select the type on the line to be G/L Account?

Strange, feel better for NOT working in this area already! [:D]