GL approval process

It does not seen that nav (2009 sp1) has the ability for G/L approvals. For example if i wanted all manual journal entries to be approved before posted. Can someone confirm this…


Journal “approval” is technically almost impossible due to way Journals are designed in Navision (HUGE redesign is needed), BESIDES, there is no sense of doing so.

As I wrote earlier in similar post - if you absolutely do not trust your employees, fire them, and hire normal people instead whom you CAN trust.

Please read this thread, it’s 2 years old, but nothing has changed. There must be more threads, but quickly I could search only this one.

Ah, crap i think i did already ask this question, sorry brain burp… This process would be to satisfy SOX… thanks for the info

Navision is on North America market for years - as well as Sarbanes-Oxley in effect - but it is only second time someone asked about Navision’s SOX compliance.
In that other case forum members came to common conclusion, that ChangeLog would satisfy the requirements… besides majority of Nav users in USA do not bother at all.