GL account posting Setup

Hi I just wondering,when do we use to setup the GL account, because when we use the account…as direct posting,sometime it post with no Error, although the Account has no posting setup, but sometime some account requiring GL posting setup…I just wondering when we use to setup the account in NAV? hoping for your reply…ty[:)]

It depends how you are posting. If you are posting via a purchase or sales document, some of the posting setup will be automatically completed, ie, Gen Posting Type, Gen Business Posting group and Vat Business Posting Group. If any of these are completed then the remaining 2, Gen Prod Posting Group and VAT Prod Posting Group, will almost certainly need to be completed. However if you are posting directly via a general journal then assuming these fields are all blank on the account by default, then it will not need any of them completed. The basic rule is, that you need all of these 5 fields completed, or none at all.

Hope this makes sense and is of some help



I we use Payment journal or cash receipt journal there’s an error about the posting setup of account, is this mean that when we use the GL account to that module/form, we have to setup the account?hoping for your reply.ty

“SHOW” the 5 columns I mention above, you will then be able to see what is being populated in there. If data is going into any of them, but not all, you will be having problems