Getting value out of treeItem

Hi I created a treeview in X++. I used a formtreedatasource like this: SerComTree = new FormTreeDatasource(this,element.control (control::mytree), fieldnum(MCS_ServiceComponents,SerComID), fieldnum(MCS_ServiceComponents,SerComParentID), fieldnum(MCS_ServiceComponents,name) ); The treeview gets populated just fine. Next I declare a treeItem and initialise it with one of the nodes. Formtreeitem TreeItem; ; TreeItem = mytree.getitem(n); I now want to print the value (serComID see above). But I can’t get it. Only the name with treeitem.text(); treeitem.idx gives me another Id (don’t know where it comes from) How can I retrieve my value(serComID)???