Getting the value the user entered in the Find win

Hello all. This is a tuff one. Can NE1 help me? What I mean by this is the user, has opened up a table, user calls up the find window, then types in a search word. Question is how do I get my hands on this search word even if it’s not a hit on the table. Regards Graham.

Don’t think it’s possible with a user searching directly in a table, unless you code win api calls (There HAS to be a way, right?). From a form, you could code your own find function, triggered from a button? Andre

An idea I have, But it does sound a bit messy is :- I know in codeunit 1 I can get this value. Now the question is how do I get this value from Codeunit 1 back into my called application. I’m thinking of using a table. Any one got a better idea? Regards Graham.