Getting the same standard cost in two sites in AX 2009

We are in the process of installing AX 2009. We are using Standard Cost. We are a small company with 2 manufacturing sites. We have a small percentage of our items (about 300 items) that can be manufactured at either site, but are manufactured in one site very nearly 100% of the time. We want the cost to be the same in both sites since the inventory is transferred from the manufacturing site’s warehouse to the other site’s warehouse for sales to the customer. We have a site specific BOM and site specific route for the primary site, but nothing for the secondary site. My thought was to set up primary site work centers, cost groups, cost categories BOMs and routes in the secondary site to be able to roll identical costs in both sites so that transfers between sites do not create a profit or loss. I also want to be able to maintain the cost of material, labor and overhead of manufactured items in inventory at both sites. My concern is having to maintain two sets of identical data. Is there a way to have a common set of information for costing but still have site specific information for manufacturing the products?

Thank you, in advance, for your help.