Getting rid of older records i.e. Receipts, warehouse entries, etc to reduce D/B size.

Our database is getting quite large and we have 5 years worth of entries just eating up space.

We don’t really care if we received a part 5 years ago or a warehouse entry from 5 years ago.

Is there anyway to get rid of these entries and reorg the database and free up some room??

SQL tools maybe??

Thanks in advance,


Hi ,

If you look at the installation and system management document you will see guides on how to deal with data deletion :

Deleting Part of a Database

If you don’t want to do anything quite so drastic as deleting the entire database, there

are various other ways to delete information:

• To remove old information, use the Date Compress batch jobs. In the navigation

pane, click Administration, IT Administration, Data Deletion, Date Compression and

then click the relevant application area.

• To remove individual records, click Edit, Delete. There must be no open entries or

nonzero balances for the records you want to delete.

• To remove a company, click File, Company, Delete.

• If you have access to the development environment for Dynamics NAV, you can

delete individual objects. You can read about the development environment in the

Application Designer’s Guide.

• If you need to delete almost everything except a couple of objects, such as some

reports, you can save the objects by exporting them before you delete the database.

You can then click File, Database, Delete to delete the

Please have a look at it .



I’ll give it a try,