Getting problem with navision


I am new to this micro dynamics ,Now we are moving our navision server abroad to India with database we installed every thing server config. Here my queries are

  1. How to installation steps for navision version 5.0(sp1)?

  2. is it mandatory to restore backup database in sql server 2008?

  3. If we restore database in sql server how to connect navision to sql server?

It’s very urgent ,Pl let me know if any one knows…


K.Venkat [:(]

Read the manual.


I couldn’t get it?where i have to read manual Jorge



Hi Venkat,

Don’t use words like ‘URGENT’ in the forum as nobody is going to help urgently by looking at that word as every person in this forum are taking out spare time from daily routine and helping the people.

Now for your question you have download the manual from customersource/partnersource.

As well as you can look at MSDN for helps.