getting problem in displaying the amount based on the dates in the report

i have to display the starting date to ending date amount i.e credit and debit amount…for that i created two variables in the request form and set the filter like this
SETFILTER(“Date Filter”,FORMAT(AsAtDate)+’…’+FORMAT(EndDate));

it was displaying the amounts for one section but not displaying the others sections amount in the report.

can u help for this

What do you mean by one sections and other section…

can you be more clear?

i ahve taken g/L account data item item like that i have added integer data item.there was header & body sections are present right. i added debit and credit menu fields it was displaying the amount for one body section only…the other body sections are not displaying the amount based on the start to end date.i set the above in aftergetrecord

You mean in Integer Dataitem body?

Can you show us the code and sections screenshots…


And in whcih sections did you place the fields please?

in the revenue accounts sections the credit and debit amount will be displaying correctly…but in the expenses sections the amount was not displaying correctly…

Did you write the same code in Expense Account OnAfterGetRecord trigger also?

yes i wrote

Please set TotalCredit and TotalDebit values to 0 in predataitem of expenseaccount…and try…

It displays the same amount while i set what u have told to me in predataitem

I guess Global Dimension 3 Filter is not standard field so is that working fine in your report?