Getting filters from another Report

Hi everyone, This should be an easy one i guess, newbie question maybe :)… I want to start a new report from another report and i want to use the same filters on the new report that were used in the first report. I put 2 fields in the requestfilterfields in the first report, how do i get those values to the second report. Do i use getfilters for this, or what is the best way to do this? Thanks for your time, Regards, Robin

In report1 define report2 as a variable. In report2 you can create a function that receives relevant parameters (record and/or fields); call this function from report1. Now run the report2[-variable]. In report2 you can use the transferred parameters.

You might want to have a look at some examples… Form Payment Journals (F256), Suggest Vendor Payment, with Report Suggest Vendor Payments (R393) The logic is exactly the one that Anfinnur describes or Codeunit 228 Test Report-Print Saludos Nils

Thank you very much! … It works just fine now… Regards, Robin van den Boom

Hi Robin i think you can use the COPYFILTERS function. Record.COPYFILTERS(FromRecord) report.runs(testreport); hope this helps you. Kumar