Getting error while generating Financial Statement - AX 2009

Hi All,

While I am generating the Financial Statment getting below error

Error executing code: MapIterator (object), method new called with invalid parameters.

(S)\Classes\LedgerTransStatementEngine\calculateRowsCalcList - line 37
(S)\Classes\LedgerBalanceSheetDimPrint\statementEngineCalculate - line 10
(S)\Classes\LedgerBalanceSheetDimPrint\makeMFCalculations - line 11
(S)\Classes\LedgerBalanceSheetDimPrint\run - line 143
(S)\Classes\LedgerBalanceSheetDimPrint\main - line 14

I can generate the same report from other client machine but not from the server. I can generate the Financial statemnt for othe company from the same client (sever) also. This error is getting with one company only for some clients.

Your suggestions and comments would be highly appreciated.

HI All,

Any suggestions???

Best Regards,

Ishak Kallil