getting error when opening SalesTableListPageOpen in AR > Places > Sales Orders

hello all,

does anybody getting this kind of error when opening SalesTableListPageOpen from AR > Places > Sales Orders > Open Sales Orders in DAX 2009?

error message:

Cannot select a record in Order lines (SalesLine). The join does not contain any link between the joined tables in the WHERE clause.

(C)\Classes\QueryRun\next (C)\Classes\FormDataSource\executeQuery

SalesTableListPageOpen is one of the dependent object of SalesTAbleListPage which is OK to open from AR > Places > Sales Orders.

Does it only showing the error for Open Sales Orders or the other like Shipped but not invoiced sales orders.

have you done any changes to the form - SalesTableListPage or Query - SalesTableListPageOpen.

Try by compiling the form - SalesTableListPage .

compile salesTableListPage form
as well as FormDataSource and QueryRun class

compiling the salesTableListPage form does not help.

and also ‘shipped but not invoiced sales orders’, ‘sales orders of type journal’, and ‘open sales orders for customers on hold’ have same problem.

no changes made on the form and query objects

don’t you guys getting this error?

what else I can try?

I am not getting this error - i think you have made some changes.

See any changes are made to Class : SalesTableListPageSecondaries