getting error "The data buffer in table 'EcoResCategory' has not been retrieved." doing sales order picking list

Hi friends,

I have created sales order and through excel imported 500+ lines,after trying to picking list getting below error.

The data buffer in table ‘EcoResCategory’ has not been retrieved.

Stack trace
(S)\Data Dictionary\Maps\SysExtensionSerializerMap\Methods\getJoinedExtensionTable - line 49
(S)\Data Dictionary\Maps\SysExtensionSerializerMap\Methods\getExtensionTable - line 60
(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesParmLine\Methods\salesParmLine_IN - line 10
(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesParmLine\Methods\hasIndirectTaxFieldChanged_IN - line 30
(S)\Data Dictionary\Maps\SalesPurchJournalLine_IN\Methods\taxRecalculationNeeded - line 29
(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesParmLine\Methods\Update - line 10
(C)\Forms\SalesEditLines\Data Sources\SalesParmLine\Methods\write - line 8
(C)\Forms\SalesEditLines\Methods\closeOk - line 15
(C)\Forms\SalesEditLines\Methods\task - line 11
(C)\Classes\SysSetupFormRun\task - line 27

but same sales order trying to post with few items posting properly.

i am using AX 2012R3 CU13 with india-GST.

please help me to solve this problem.

I am also facing the same

Have you tried to debug? Are there any changes to the standard code?

Also do search in LCS for any known issues.

It is a bug…check this KB4492373