Getting error on the Infostore POS with NAVSQL 4(SP3)

We are using Microsoft Navision 4.0(SP3) with SQL Server 2005 SP2 and using Infostore POS at our retail shops.

With Navision we are using SQL Perform 1.0 tool for our performance enhancement.

In the Item master table currently we have Picture field enabled. Its type is BLOB. When we try to do reindexing for the Item table using SQL Perform pt_reindex2 stored procedure we are getting an error saying that as this table is having a BLOB type field online reindexing cannot be performed on this table. As SQL Server 2005 does not allow online reindexing for some data types.

Since we are not using Picture field I have disabled that field through Navision application (Tools–>Object Designer–>Item–>Design–>Un ticked the Enabled column for Picture field) and tried to reindex its working fine but our Infostore POS machines are giving the following error

“Reference to the member Picture of the variable Picture could not be solved”

Has anyone faced this type of issue? Please advice.


Well, I’m just guessing - as I don’t this “POS Infostore” - but probably there is any code or object on the POS site which is referring to this “Picture” (I guess this is part of some synchronisation or anything). Maybe you could find out which code/object this is (Debugger?) and disable the “Picture” here, too?

And just to mention it: there are other NAV/SQL Performance Tools around which are able to deal properly with LOBs and ONLINE indexing (send me PM about details, if you like).