Getting Error In Microsoft Navision 4.0

Hi There,

I am facing some critical error in navision 4 client. Our network sturcture given below.

We are having domain. There are 85 user under this domain. Our server contain Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 & act as domain controller.We already have installed Navision 4.0 SP3 on server and successfully running but now we are making some change in our databse & i don’t want distrub my current running setup. so, i installed Navision 4.0 SP3 server on windows XP based machine & when ever i’ll try to access database from another machine on that time i am getting error “THERE WAS A TIME-OUT IN AN ATTEMPT TO ESTABLISH A CONNECTION WITH THE SERVER (TCP/TP ERROR ETIME OUT). SEE THE NETWORK DOCUMENTATION FOR ADDITIONAL INFOMATION. CONTACT YOUR SYSTEM MANAGER IF YOUT NEED ASSISTANCE.”

I am not getting what to do? i alredy typed ip address instate of server name. i am able to ping & able to acees via my network places.



Please check the Net Tyep appropriately …(may be TCP, out of TCP/TCPS/Netb)