Getting error 'Illegal reference' in ax 2009 ?

While posting PO or sometimes creating PO through purchase indent i am getting this ‘Illegal reference’ error.

I found it was the problem with indentTransId number sequence. I just increased the next field of number sequence and the problem got solved.

but my concern is the number sequence format for the inventTransid is 00001000,so it’s next should be 00002000.

But what i observed is in next field it is 347 only.How come this is possible?

These are all created by system automatically.And i should not always login into PRODUCTION and change it manully the next field to 2000 or 3000.

Anything is wrong or do i have to do something other than manually changing ?


Haven’t seen this issue in PO area in AX 2009.

Are there any customizations done around PO posting routine?

Also can you give us complete version details please.


We are using AX 2009 RU7 with india localization.