getting date

how to get the creation date of a table

If the table is not modified later then Date field in Object Designer will give you the creation date…

but why do you need this?

thank u very much

ya , i have to generate a report which will give creation dates of atable…

please give solution for this.

I didnt see anywhere in NAV where it stores creation date.

May be someone can help so please wait…

1 ) Capture creation date for

a. Customer

b. Vendors

Do you want to know creation date of table or creation date of customers and vendor records?

i want , customer table creation date…

These tables are base tables and created by Microsoft.

Do you mean creation date for when the table or when the record was created?

If you actually mean the date when the record was created, then this is not standard. There is a field when the record was last modified “Last Modified Date”. If you also need a “Created date” then you need to insert this into the table and then update it on the onINSERT trigger.

An alternative to this is to use the change log functionality and a flowfield to lookup when it was created.

Can you elaborate more why do you required the same as I don’t understand the same ???