Getting ADCS working in NAV 3.70

I spent the last week working on this issue. Finally got it working this morning, so I figured I’d document what I did here in case someone else has similar issues.

We have been using Navision 3.70A for a couple years. Recently, we decided to replace our 3rd party WMS solution with the Navision WMS solution. In the process we installed the ADCS from 3.70A CD, got it all configured and working with the handhelds.

Everything was working great except for this one bit: if there was an error, the terminals would display “BELL” rather than emit an audible beep. (I haven’t seen any documentation that this is what’s supposed to happen, but chatter on other forums seems to suggest that this is the expected behavior.) This is a pretty important bit as the warehouse staff rely on these auditory cues to let them know when they scan the wrong bin/product/etc.

Assuming that this was a bug in the 3.70A ADCS code, I tried installing the version of ADCS from the 3.70B CD.

With the 3.70B version of ADCS, the VT100Plugin service does not even start. I found a partner source article (# 898065) that described this problem. Their solution: use the ADCS from Navision 4.0 Service Pack 1.

I followed the link to download 4.0 sp1 and found that Microsoft is no longer offering the download (sighting some SQL compatibility problems). Luckily, I found a copy of the CD’s in our software cabinet. Installed the ADCS from that CD and found that I had the same problem as I originally had: ADCS runs ok, but BELL does not translate to a beep. Out of curiosity, I did a directory compare between the 3.70A and 4.00sp1 ADCS folders and found the files to be identical. Back to square 1.

My next thought was to start with 3.70B files and replace an exe/dll file from the 3.70A installation until I can get the service to at least start – trying to narrow down what piece of code was causing the service to not start. Before doing this, I went through and did an inventory of the files in each installation and their versions (I found that if you can find the version of an .exe or .dll in Windows Explorer by right-click|properties|version tab.)

NAV3.70A NAV3.70B
CSS.exe 1.0.1479.18605

One curious thing I noticed is that most files either stayed the same version or went up from one release to the next, except for the TerminalState.dll which dropped from to between 3.70A and 3.70B (the file date/time also shows it to be earlier: 11/20/2003 vs 3/6/2003 respectively)

I decided to start this experiment by using all the 3.70B files, but replacing the TerminalState.dll with the 3.70A version (seemed the most logical place to start)

The VT100Plugin Service started up without issues. Pointed a handheld to the server, forced an error (entered an incorrect barcode) and it beeped instead of displaying BELL.

Both problems solved.

Thanks for sharing your solution. Unfortunately Microsoft stopped supporting Navision 3.70 even if there is a large customer base on it.

Some ADCS versions had many bugs since its release. Just I remember ADCS from 3.70A and 4.0SP2 sometimes didn’t even start without applying hotfixes.