Get the fields on same line?

look at the picture I’ve attached, the second picture is the report who is previewed.
I’ve picked fields from two different tables. And when I put them together in
ObjectDock desigenr and run the report so is one field below, if i move up “Description” it says “Control 1000000008”

how do so all on the same line?


Create 1 variables Item (record 27)

in Sales Price On after get record… write

Item.Get(Item No.);

In Sales Price body, add a text box and set Item.Description


you can delete Item body section and Item dataitem (if it is taken for only description)

Thanks Mohana, But i dont really understand.

can you maby show med with a picture.

Create a CAL Global Variable

Item - Record-27

In Sales Price Dataitem, On AfterGetRecord trigger, write

Item.Get(Item No.);

In Sales Price, body Section

Add a text box and set Item.Description in SourceExpresson

Can some one show me in picture! cuz i dont really understand.

Hi emil,

1321.Step 1.bmp (347 KB)

8306.Step 2.bmp (158 KB)

0160.Step 3.bmp (81.3 KB)

Have a look at existing reports, e.g. Report 715 (I looked in NAV Version 2009).

There you should see the Variable ItemNo in the Section SalesPrices, Body(1). The value of this variable is set in the Section Item - OnAfterGetRecord.

You could also have used Item.Description as the SourceExpr for this TextBox (this is the way mohana meant it). Hope this helps to get you on track.

Yes now i solved it , Thanx!!!