Get REPORTID within a report

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get the id of the CurrReport, ie : MESSAGE('The number is : ’ + FORMAT(CurrReport.ID));

Hi Ralph, if you don’t hardcode it, like we do :frowning: , can you then tell how you are doing it ?

Well im not sure but as far as i know it cant be done, if there is a way to do this then i would like to know about it too, hope the Gurus are reading this and shall enlighten us Vishal

Hi Guys, This possibility is only available in Attain 3.0 (upwards I suppose!) For Forms use : CurrForm.OBJECTID For Reports use : CurrReport.OBJECTID This property is not available for Dataports :frowning: For previous version of Navision your ONLY solution is to HARDCODE :wink: