Get record from form lookup

Hello everyone. I am facing this issue. How can I get not only one value, but whole record from lookup. I have a stringedit control in a form with lookup() and modified() overriden on it. I want to use the whole record in the modified().

Does anyone have any idea how can I do this. I am in a hurry, so any reply’s will be appreciated.

A usual question: in which version of AX?

Sorry for not telling in the first place. The version of AX is 2012 R3. :slight_smile:

Can’t you change your solution to “AX 2012 way” using a surrogate key and lookupReference()? Then it would be trivial.

Nevertheless you talk about two different things. If you want the modified value, handling lookups is not sufficient, because users can simply type values in, bypassing lookups. You should rather forget about lookups and simply ask the database (or the cache) for the record in modified().