Get Rcpt Line-cannot close becos syst is current..

Hi Pple there is this error I’m facing in Navision 3.6. When we were trying to get shipment lines in the invoice window, there is error msg ‘Get Receipt Lines’ cannot close because the system is currently working. After acknowledging to this prompt, another one appeared - Tracking specification entry no. XXX does not exist. Have anyone out there face this problem before? Thanks for any advice in advance.

You get that “cannot close” error because the Get Receipt Line process ran into an error. I had the same problem the other day as well.

Hi, Thanks for replying. So how did you managed to resolve the problem?

After the Get Receipt Line error you should get a regular error message stating what was wrong. In your case, the item tracking number is missing on the PO

we get this in 3.10 when matching multiple invoices to one receipt. the first invoice will process ok, but the following ones wont. to get round it, we simply zero the “qty to invoice” on the ITL on the po and that seems to cure it.

Hi MBSUG, Hope you are enjoying the festivities. A client gets a similar message to the above… ‘Purchase Order’ cannot close because system is currently working. The client recives the above message when trying to close the said PO but never received any other error message. The client did inform us that they had up to 20 Navision windows open at the time! Hope you can help!

Hi guys, I think your problem has been resolved in 3.70. Here is the text from the change documentation: A345) Error Using Get Receipt Function on a Purchase Invoice Error If you made purchase lines on an invoice using the function Get Receipt and the selected lines had another Pay-to Vendor No. than the invoice, you got the following message: “Get Receipt Lines cannot close because the system is currently busy." This has been corrected. Table 121 Purch. Rcpt. Line Service System reference: US-278-23-QRSU You can probably contact Navision and find out more what the solution was. Good luck Daniel