Get product data from AX to PHP e-commerce application

Hi! I have task to integrate my PHP e-commerce application (based on Akeneo) with AX for getting some product info. My PHP app deployed on Linux+Apache+MySQL. I googled for understanding possibility of it. As I understand I need implement SOAP web service on my PHP application? Am I right? Also tell me next please. Do I need to make some additional settings for my AX/Windows Server/IIS?

Thank you

I googled more and think I have to do next. First of all I must create web service using AIF. And then use SOAPClient in my php application to get data from AX via web service which I created. Am I right?

Please always mention your version of AX. There are significant differences between versions.

Oh, sorry. I lost it add. My customer said that it would be Dynamics AX 2012.

You can either use AIF document services (for document exchange) or custom services (for RPC-style integration).

Before choosing a particular technical solution, you should first think about your requirements. Above all, do you need realtime request and answer, or can you use a queue? Also think about number of requests and amount of data to be exchanged.

I think it will be realtime request. But I’m not sure. The main question for for me is integrate my PHP App with AX. I understand that I need create AIF service in AX side. My PHP App must get product data from AX and then save it PHP App Database. I need use SoapClient in my PHP App for getting product data from AX. Am I right? It is conceptual question for me know. Thanks

If you use AIF file system adapter, for example, you will have no SOAP service and no SOAP client. Using a SOAP web service is only one of possible ways of application integration.

I thought that I had to implement Web Services using AIF in AX side and use SOAPClient in PHP App for getting product data. After your post I confused. So is it mean than I need to implement SOAP web service in AX side? Am I right? But I can’t find how to implement SOAP web service in AX. Can you help me to understand implementing of SOAP web service in AX? Thank You

Here you’ll find some helpful links: AX 2012: AIF and Web Services (Curah!).