Get parameter of form

Hil All,

My form is calling by formref property from a field of any table. I need value came from that tables field.

formRef = findProperty(sysDictTable.treeNode().AOTgetProperties(),#PropertyFormRef);

will you please give some detail of your requirement.

Sorry this is about my poor english:

I created table “a_table”

I created a form for it “a_table_form”

I created a menu item “a_table_form_menu” for “a_table_form”

I referred “a_table_form_menu” to formref property of “a_table”

I want to know passed value at “a_table_form”'s init.

I can learn that value by get args.record() for a specific table, but “a_table_form” is calling from different tables, different field names so I don’t want to put a switch command for every table.

This is the way, you can see examples if you find other forms. One thing you can do is to create a class an implement a factory method, in the form you have the parent class as reference type.

I found the solution from a blog:

FormStringControl   callerControl   = SysTableLookup::getCallerStringControl(element.args());