Get menu user access in SQL

Through an SQL query i want to be able to see what NAV users have been given access to a certain menu, is this possible?

Ie when I right click on the menu in NAV and go assign users and the list comes up, somehow in SQL i want to show a list of users that have been allowed access to specific menu’s if i send in the menu name

Hi Martina,

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Well, basically there is the “User Menu Level” table you could query …

CASE WHEN “ID Type” = 1 THEN ‘Database’ WHEN “ID Type” = 2 THEN ‘Windows’ END AS “ID Type”,
CASE WHEN “Level” = 10 THEN ‘User Restrictions’ WHEN “Level” = 20 THEN ‘User Changes’ END AS “Level”,
FROM “User Menu Level”

… but I guess this helps not much, as the “Object” is in binary format.
What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe there could be some workaround!?


I need to create a reporting services report which provides a list of all of the menu’s that a user has access to