Get Job Usage, VAT Error

Hi Everyone,

I post a job journal line with a type g/l account. The line gets posted succesfully.

Then I create an sales invoice for the customer, here i push the [Get Job Usage] button. I select the correct job, and push [Ok].

Now i get the error:

“The VAT Posting Setup does not exist.”
“Identification fields and values:”
“VAT Bus. Posting Group=‘BINNENLAND’,‘VAT Prod. Posting Group=’’.”

So, i don’t have a VAT Prod. Posting Group filled in, but i can’t find where to fill that in.

i can’t fill it in on the job journal, neither on the job posting setup, or directly in the job ledger entry table.

Anyone know how to fix this without making a new VAT posting setup line without a VAT Prod. Posting Group ?


Hi Joeri,

Have you got a VAT Prod Posting Group setup against the Resource Card (on the invoicing tab)? If you haven’t - trying entering one. It should then default into the sales invoice line ‘VAT Prod. Posting Group’ field.