Get Item Sales Quantity per Customer by period

hi all, i’m making a customized report in which i will forecast all of the quantity of the Items sold to the customer depending on the period(s) : Week, Month, Quarter and year.

i’ve already made the filtering of Items of the specific customer bought.

now my problem is that my report doesn’t have a period filter. in which it will show the quantity of those items depending

on which period the user have selected in the request page.

thanks to those who will answer

Hi Adrian,

You can use date system table in a report dataitem to filter information by period type the user has selected in request page.

I already have that date dataitem, but i don’t know how to use is to compare with my Option variable which contains, Week,Month, Quarter, Year. that’s the same datas in the Field Period type in the table Date,

however when i try to message the values of the start date, nothing shows.

I don’t know what the problem is, I used this system quite often, and works very well. I filter on period type and on starting date (not ending date) and periods are shown with no problems.

Can you show me how report is designed? Perhaps there is something you are missing and is hard to try to figure.

Hi this is my report design in my request page I’ve made a option variable Period Type that soon i will compare to the date table.

As far I can see, the problem is that cust. Ledger entry is not hanging on date table, its main dataitem is customer, and I think it’s not correct. Try to increase cust. Ledger entry indentation to under date dataitem. For each date period, it has to process all records in cust. Ledger entry in that period.

Hi, Ponc, that one helped thank you,
now i have another question.

Example I already have my Start Date with period of month.
since I’m Comparing a Posting Date of a Record In Item ledger Entry.

Would the Period Month, Consider the Specific Date of the Posting Date to the Range Of Period Start and Period End of the Month Period?

Hi Adrian001,

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question. The date table, can be used to filter any date field in any table, to group information in periods.

Hi Adrian,

Please Verify the Answer that helped you.

And please start a new post, if you have a new question. Thanks.