GET function: source table primary key


I would like to copy the value of the Business Relation Description from Table 5054 into a new field in Table 5077 Segment Line:

Table: 5077
Trigger: Contact No. - OnValidate
Local Variable: ContactBusinessRelation, Record, Contact Business Relation
Field: 50010 fTxtBusinessRelation

IF ContactBusinessRelation.GET(“Contact Company No.”) THEN
fTxtBusinessRelation := ContactBusinessRelation.“Business Relation Description”;

This code doens’t do the trick. The primary key of T5054 is Contact No.,Business Relation Code. Is that the reason that the value isn’t copied? And if so, how should I change my code? The Business Relation code can have a number of values.

Ooops, did some research in the forum. Found out that I should use SETRANGE with FINDFIRST instead of GET.


Get function always requires all the field of primary key.